This is a model I made while using both Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox, I used Maya to make the base of the character and to keep the polygon count low, then I used Mudbox to add the details and create the normal maps. the normal map allows me to use the original base model maintaining a low polygon count, allowing for quick rendering.

Softwares used – Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox


body03__4464_0001 body03__4464_0014 body03__4464_0026 body03__4464_0038body03__4464_000103 body03__4464_001403 body03__4464_002603 body03__4464_003803body03__4464_000102 body03__4464_001402 body03__4464_002602 body03__4464_003802body03__4464_000104 body03__4464_001404 body03__4464_002604 body03__4464_003804