returning to animate the paper fortune teller, I watch a few origami animation to examine how the folding was handled, a lot of the time the folding tended to be very fast and with the models being rotated a lot, the direction of the rotation depending on the fold. I liked this and thought it made sense as origami can seem a bit confusing and bewildering when preformed by someone who has mastered it, plus if the transformation are fast it leaves more time for animation that tells the story.

unfortunately when I tried animating the paper fortune teller, I realised that I had messed up. I had missed a step when making it the first time, thus the some the folds were folded in the wrong direction.

making one of these is much easier to do with paper, rather than a digital model as the polygons tend to clip through each other, making it really hard not to pull the wrong face or vertex, I tried multiple methods to make it easier for me to model but they all made it more complicated, even when i made the model transparent it was still easy to get confused at times.