During our scrum we talked with conànn, in his feed back he felt that the  Child needs to look more like he’s trying to grab the balloon, Aohdan suggested that it might be good idea to use cinema4D for the transitions, however, Niall has experiance of using cinema4D and explained that its capabilities are limited, making it difficult to use, also conann explained that maya is more than adequate to recreate the look of cinema4D’s renders

Conann also gave a solution to Aohdan’s query on how to make polygon clouds soft, adding a glow to the clouds should give it a softer appearance.

Another thing conann mentioned is that Imagination and creativity are two different things, i guess he felt that was important as he didn’t want us creating too much imaginative imagery, oppose to imagery that conveys design.

looking at the tasks due for this week we decided that the ‘Builds assets’ task was abit too brode and that we needed to identify and specific models, we also talked about the geometry of our models as it plays a part in the astetic of the final product, Niall explained that we want it to look low-poly, but we dont want the geometry to be too low-poly, we can do this with textures to insure proper deformation

Final notes on of the meeting were on,
The overall scene colours – possibility of using of cream rather then orange for construction scene and How do we want the construction models to come out of the ground.