My thoughts on today’s Project progress presentations

Team Fox-out
Working on a 2D irish language education game
Currently rigging, rig claimed to be complete, improted into unity, sites scouted.

Team Surf Badger
Working on the BBC project
Claimed to have done a lot of research and rescripted their whole animation, however, their script still takes a lot away from the main focus of the project which is the line.

Team M2R
Working on the BBC project
Their animation is a live action so they have made a small video of them acting out their animation. They’ve also finished the story boards for their animation, as well as, a slight bit of video tracking. A small problem they are have is that they need their audio to be of professional quality, so they need to source a voice actor.

Team Waste Not, Want Not
Not much to say about this group, they’re doing a completely different project from everyone else, they are attempting to create a solution to help reduce the amount of food wastage. The project is very research intensive so they havent started designing anything yet, their presentation was just about what they had found out so far.

Team Bong
they seem to haver a lot of concepts, however it doesn’t seem like they have done much work along the lines of production, nothing modeled yet just a video that is close to what they want to make, their idea seems simple enough but is will require a lot of modeling, and will need to be
well rendered.

Team RTE
claim to have finished all of the their filming pre-vis and animatic, everything being mapped out, now all they need to do is model and place their character. However, after discussing this with Niall, he explains that he feels that they do not have enough footage and will likely end up having to redo all the filming as when they attempt to obtain that extra footage when needed as the weather will have changed (possibly snow as their filming location is on top of a mountain and we are drawing closer to winter), meaning their old footage will not match.