• Character suggestions

So the first day of the final semester is over and we had our first team meeting, our brainstorm took a bit of a strange turn, Niall’s been thinking about final year for a while now, and he’s had a sketch of a squirrel character that he wants incorporated into our final animation so we used that as a starting point, figuring out the character before deciding on the story, making a list of animals then crossing off any we didn’t like or though were not appropriate. Later in to our discussion many of the bigger animals had been crossed off the list, as a team we seem to have favoured small burrowing animals with possible exception of a badger

  • Environment

We also made a list of possible environments, but having already decided to use a squirrel as a character, we had already decided to use a forest as the environment as it’s the squirrels’ natural habitat, we had also sort of decided on the feel of the animation, when we came together we had decided that we wanted the story of this animation to be character driven and to have a happy tone, something similar to what the likes of Disney or Pixar would make, the reason we wanted to do something like this is because we believed that when people think of animation, Disney and Pixar are first things people think of, their work being iconic and something many animators strive for.

  • Plot and Story concepts

Once we got into story concepts I talked to everybody about “the writer’s journey” by Christopher Vogler, explaining his formula for writing stories, everybody already had a somewhat understanding of writer’s journey having had a brief look at it during year which at this point was two years ago so explanation was a bit of a recap

I explained the concept of the ordinary world and the special world, and how the first act takes place in the ordinary world, the second, takes place in the special world and the final act, being the return takes place in or just before the ordinary world again.

I explained how there is 12-17 stages which all have their own variations, as well as the list of character archetypes with can be combined in various ways

When trying to decide a plot we talked about how we want our audience to feel during the acts and stages, mapping them out on a time line, this made it a lot easier to develop the plot, working out the beginning and getting a rough idea of the middle, however we still have yet to decide on the ending

  • Assigned Roles

Before ending our meeting, we decided we would figure out our roles within this project, also we also decided how we would maintain quality control, although we all felt that Niall had the best eye for quality, Niall explained that he felt that he wasn’t able to maintain the correct level of quality during the last project being stretch a bit too thinly, thus we all choose a sort of director role insuring the quality of particular area

Matthew Morrison = cinematographer

Niall = Moderator

Rachel = Creative director

Me (Matthew McBride) = Animation director

I wanted to work on animation for this project because I haven’t really done much animation since first year, that being said I have been doing some bits of animation through-out the course but nothing big enough to showcase as a prober piece of animation