You’d think that I got a rest before going into my final semester, and that I’m feeling pretty refreshed, nope! I’m Honestly feeling pretty exhausted, mentally and physically, final years been harder than what I’ve ever imagined, of course, the area’s that I’m having trouble with are, of course, the areas that I have always been having trouble with. I didn’t really have a break over the Christmas holiday, I used that time to work on my dissertation, which I was allowed to do because of the extended deadline that I needed to requested, the problem with that is that I’m now going in to my final semester and final project totally burnt-out. That all being said, since this is the beginning of a new project I think that I’m going to be able to have a bit of time to relax, just for a little while, as the ball gets rolling. Despite being a bit burnt out, I am excited and looking forward working on this project, Niall has agreed to work with me again and Rachel has accepted to join our group, as well as Matthew Morrison, Niall was the one of the most reliable and knowledgeable team-mate from the last project, and Rachel had the best artistic influence over the last project.

So although I’m a bit burnt out at the moment and this year has been very challenging so far, I’m feeling pretty positive going into final semester


Personal goals and aims for Project

What I really want to use this final project for is to create a piece of animation that I can truly be proud of and happily showcase to potential employers.

I want to continue working with Niall so I can try to learn more from him, he seems to have learned a lot from his experience working with inlifesize luckily I can understand most of what he’s talking about