Matthew McBride is an animation student at the university of ulster. born in1992, on August 16th

From a young age Matthew has always had an immense interest in art. it began with simple Saturday morning cartoon, however as the Internet developed, matthews technical skills development and he was immersed in a world of digital artwork. For along time matthew believed that his future lied within concept art, however, time are changing and role of a concept artist is mixing with that of the role of a Digital modeller, so Matthew has learned to adapt to become proficient in his field.Matthew is a talented Artists with skill in broad range of 3D and digital painting  packages, with a large amount of experience working with a team in various different projects.

Matthew is versed in the Software maya, mudbox, Adobe aftereffects, adobe photoshop, Adobe flash, and is currently learning, 3D studio, softimage, houdini, and java.